You must have a copy of Adobe Flash Professional installed. It's also recommended to have Adobe Extension Manager installed to properly use swell.

Note: If you are using Flash CC 2015 and above use this tool to install Extensions: Adobe Manage Extensions App

If you are on Windows XP, Vista and 7 you must have .NET Framework 4 installed before you can use swell.

Supported Versions

Release Windows Mac OS X
Adobe Flash CS3 ☑ (Install Manually)
Adobe Flash CS4
Adobe Flash CS5
Adobe Flash CS5.5
Adobe Flash CS6
Adobe Flash CC (2013)
Adobe Flash CC (2014)
Adobe Flash CC (2014.1)
Adobe Flash CC (2015)


You can find which version of Adobe Flash Professional you have by clicking :

"Flash -> About Flash" in Mac.

"Help -> About Flash" in Windows.