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Swell (stylised as "Swell" or "swell" ) is a flash animation tracker. It tracks and displays statistics of your animation while you're animating in Adobe Flash.

Swell gets out of your way by running in the background, tracking changes made to your existing Adobe Flash (.FLA) file and saving these changes in a local database.

Swell is useful for creating graphs or a timeline of your animation progress. Have multiple Flash projects? Swell can handle it.

Technically, Swell is written in Go to be a portable, tiny single binary, being able to run on Windows and Mac. The data swell saves is available in a JSON format and can be accessed through a REST API. In the near future, swell will be able to export a report of your stats to multiple formats including:

Swell was made out of frustration over the fact that I needed a way to track how long I was really taking just to create a single flash cartoon. And to show this in a nicely formatted report to people who are interested in the evolution of a flash project from start to finish.


This guide assumes you have read the requirements.

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Advanced topics:

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If you find any bugs please file an issue on GitHub.


Copyright 2015 Wesley Hill

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Would like to contribute to swell? contributions are welcome! Please look at TODO.md to see what needs to be done.

Please DO NOT commit directly to the master branch, instead work on your own branch, commit changes and then pull request.

If there is a small typo or whatever, please mark your branch as hotfix-name_of_fix

Feature requests are welcome.


The inspiration for the name 'Swell' is based on a phrase used by the late (but great) animator Edd Gould, creator of the web flash cartoon Eddsworld.

"it's pretty swell." - Edd Gould (Eddsworld)


Edd Gould for *Eddsworld

Edd logo by Paul Ter Voorde

(Note: 'Swell' is *NOT affiliated to, or endorsed by the show 'Eddsworld')